Socialism is BAD!

This morning I was awoken by my alarm clock powered by socialist electricity
generated by the public power monopoly regulated by the US Department of
Energy. I then took a shower in the socialist clean water provided by the
municipal water utility.
After that, I turned on the socialist radio to one
of the FCC regulated channels to hear what the socialist National Weather
Service of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
determined the weather was going to be like using socialist satellites
designed, built, and launched by the National Aeronautics and Space
I watched this while eating my breakfast of socialist US
Department of Agriculture inspected food and taking the socialist drugs
which have been determined as safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

At the appropriate time as kept accurate by the socialist National Institute
of Standards and Technology and the US Naval Observatory, I get into my
socialist National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved automobile
and set out to work on the socialist roads build by the socialist local,
state, and federal departments of transportation, possibly stopping to
purchase additional fuel of a quality level determined by the socialist
Environmental Protection Agency, using socialist legal tender issued by the
Federal Reserve Bank.
On the way out the door I deposit any mail I have to
be sent out via the socialist US Postal Service and drop the kids off at the
socialist public school.
If I get lost, I can use my socialist GPS
navigation technology developed by the United States Department of Defense
and made available to the public in 1996 by President Bill Clinton who
issued a policy directive declaring socialist GPS to be a dual-use
military/civilian system to be managed as a national socialist asset.

After spending another day not being maimed or killed at work thanks to the
socialist workplace regulations imposed by the Department of Labor and the
Occupational Safety and Health Administration, enjoying another two meals
which again do not kill me because of the socialist USDA, I drive my
socialist NHTSA car back home on the socialist DOT roads, to my house which
has not burned down in my absence because of the socialist state and local
building codes and socialist fire marshal’s inspection, and which has not
been plundered of all it’s valuables thanks to the socialist local police

I then get on my computer and use the socialist internet which was developed
by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration and browse the
socialist World Wide Web using my graphical web browser, both made possible
by Al Gore’s socialist High Performance Computing and Communication Act of
1991. I then post on and fox news forums about how
SOCIALISM in medicine is BAD because the government can’t do anything right.

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