Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Ripping Off America

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Making Government Transparent

Ellen Miller of The Sunlight Foundation, discusses way to use the Internet to make government more transparent. Program from August 15, 2009.

Obama makes the case for health care reform

Seeking to jump-start efforts to pass a health care bill, President Barack Obama defended his reform plan in a speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night.

Obama repeated several of his principles for reform, rebutted attacks from critics, and sought to explain the complex plan so that voters could understand it.

Here’s a guide to what Obama said and how his statements — or similar ones we’ve checked — fared on the Truth-O-Meter:…Read More

Who Listens to Michelle Malkin?

When fringe, right wing ideologue Michelle Malkin appeared on the Fox News program of admitted stand-up comedian Glenn Beck, I knew hilarity wold ensue, and I was not disappointed as I show in this video. The short clip of Fox News’ “Glenn Beck” program come from the episode broadcast on September 8, 2009…The Liberal Viewer

President Obama on Good Morning America 9.9.09

In his highly anticipated address to Congress today, President Obama told ABC News that he would provide a much more detailed health care plan, saying that while he was still open to ideas, he is determined to get health care reform passed this year… Read More

Margaret Hoover and The Young Republicans Ask,…

What happened to our party. Well Margaret you have let the loons take over. You should almost certainly start denouncing these haters and DO IT AS LOUD AS YOU CAN.  It’s really unbecoming to have yourself associated with them.

Part 2

What happens when America’s airwaves fill with hate?

What happens when America’s airwaves fill with hate? BILL MOYERS JOURNAL takes a tough look at the hostile industry of “Shock Jock” media with a hard-hitting examination of its effects on our nation’s political discourse.

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