Where Do Our Premiums Go?

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Michael Moore’s Message to Barack Obama and Blue Dog Democrats

Michael Moore addresses press on Barack Obama and Blue Dog Democrats’ approach to health care reform at Public Citizen headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009.

Cancer? Heart Attack? CIGNA Says Walk It Off

One of CIGNA’s advertising taglines is ‘A Business of Caring.’ Lets pick a better CIGNA tagline.

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The 2nd Most Expensive Health Care In America Is In McAllen, Texas

The Cost Conundrum

What a Texas town can teach us about health care.

by Atul Gawande

It is spring in McAllen, Texas. The morning sun is warm. The streets are lined with palm trees and pickup trucks. McAllen is in Hidalgo County, which has the lowest household income in the country, but it’s a border town, and a thriving foreign-trade zone has kept the unemployment rate below ten per cent. McAllen calls itself the Square Dance Capital of the World. “Lonesome Dove” was set around here…Read More

CNN Reports On The 2nd Most Expensive Health Care In America In McAllen, Texas – 09/17/09

Police intervene in Congressman Pete Olson’s meeting

Congressman “Deer in the headlights” Pete Olson (R-TX) gets run over by his constituents and the police had to take over the meeting. The first part is Olson exploiting a child with a serious heart defect for political points. The second part is the crowd giving him hell for it to the point a scuffle breaks out. The Police are called in and threatens to cancel Olson’s meeting.

Republican Congressman Olson uses child’s heart condition for political and unsuccessful gain

Republican Congressman Olson (R-TX) tells the townhall about a mother who was turned away by the free market doctors for her unborn child’s heart defect. She was denied by the free market doctors but persisted and was able to find a specialized doctor and got a very delicate operation and a heart transplant 17 days after he was born. Olson then claims that the public option would have denied him the needed health care and he would have died! After being challenged he abruptly ended the discussion. Watch as he is challenged, and clueless as to what to say.

Flood Congress With Your Medical Bills

You tuber Boomer1949 has come up with a good ideal for a protest.

Seems R. Steven King thinks what S. Charles Grassley has done with the gang of six is a real good thing for those of us without medical insurance, or can’t get coverage due to preexisting conditions. He stood on the House Floor and said so. Well, R. King…I think it SUCKS!! So, I hope you can afford to pay my medical bills because from now on they are all coming to you and phone calls from the bill collectors will be referred to you as well.

I want to make a plea to all Americans who are struggling out there with their medical cost to follow my example and mail, or fax your bills to a member of Congress that finds it a real hoot to stall or kill any reform of our Health System for the sake of Political Points. You can start with these two..here are the addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers of R. King and S. Grassley. Send them your bills and refer any bill collectors to their phone number…they are now in charge of my medical financial matters, let them handle yours as well.

R. Steven King
1131 Longworth Office Building
Washington, DC
202 225-4426
202 225-3193 (fax)

S. Charles Grassley
150 1st Ave N.E., Suite 325
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
319 363-6832
319 363-7179 (fax)

Sheila Hicks Labor Day Health Care Rally

Sheila Hicks of the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, addresses the rally.
CCDC’s Mission is to promote social justice and create systems change for people with all types of disabilities.

Top myths about healthcare reform
Myth 8:
The Democrats propose a government-controlled health care plan that will deprive roughly 120 million Americans of their current health care coverage. Two out of three Americans who get their health care through their employer would lose it under the House Democrat plan.

Fact: This report is from the Lewin Group, a health care consulting firm which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UnitedHealthCare, an insurance company that obviously has a vested interest in suppressing a public option.. The report ran a number of scenarios, including what would happen if the government offered a public option that was a Medicare-style plan open to everyone. Their model found that 118 million people would choose to drop their private coverage in favor of cheaper public coverage.
In addition, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that about 11 million people will end up enrolling in the public option.
Source: Congressional Budget Office, July 2009, Coverage Tables

Myth 9:
The American healthcare system is the best in the world.

Fact: 1 in 10 Americans can’t count on their healthcare coverage. America is ranked 37 in the world behind such countries As Columbia, Singapore and Morocco. France is rated at number one, followed by Italy.

Pew Research center did a study that said (among other things): Just 15% say health care in this country is the best in the world, while 23% rate it as above average; about six-in-ten (59%) view U.S. health care as either average (32%) or below average (27%).
Source: The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press May 2009

Myth 10:
Under Obamacare there will be rationing of healthcare, which we don’t have now. or, in another form: YOUR HEALTHCARE IS RATIONED!!!

Fact: Healthcare is rationed now. Insurance companies determine what procedures they will cover, and at what price. They deny payment on certain procedures, which means thay patients either go without, or they pay themselves. This is how rationing works in a capitalistic system.

Also: Referencing Pg 29, HR 3200, from Viral Emails Page 29 refers to co-payments and caps on out-of-pocket expenses as part of the minimum benefits package. It is not addressing treatment or approvals or anything of the sort.

Private insurance companies ration care to Americans every single day. They reject applications based on pre-existing conditions and family history. They rescind coverage after an illness has been diagnosed. Their premiums and deductibles are so high that millions of Americans are forced to delay care or declare bankruptcy due to high costs: – Media Matters Fact Check

Ezra Klein of the Los Angeles Times points out on his blog: If you look at waiting times, you’ll see that relatively few Americans wait more than four months for surgery, which helps folks claim that America doesn’t ration care, and makes our system look pretty good on the waiting times metric. Here’s what they don’t tell you: When you look at who foregoes care, the international comparisons reverse themselves. About 23% of Americans report that they didnt receive care, or get a test due to cost. In Canada, that number is 5.5%.
Rather Than Waiting In Line, Americans Simply Do Not Get Care. As Ezra Klein argues in the Los Angeles Times, although Britain and Canada have decided that no one will go without, even if some must occasionally wait, the U.S. has decided that most of us who can’t afford care simply won’t get it.

Source: HR 3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, Media Matters Fact Check, Los Angeles Times, April 2009