Police intervene in Congressman Pete Olson’s meeting

Congressman “Deer in the headlights” Pete Olson (R-TX) gets run over by his constituents and the police had to take over the meeting. The first part is Olson exploiting a child with a serious heart defect for political points. The second part is the crowd giving him hell for it to the point a scuffle breaks out. The Police are called in and threatens to cancel Olson’s meeting.

Republican Congressman Olson uses child’s heart condition for political and unsuccessful gain

Republican Congressman Olson (R-TX) tells the townhall about a mother who was turned away by the free market doctors for her unborn child’s heart defect. She was denied by the free market doctors but persisted and was able to find a specialized doctor and got a very delicate operation and a heart transplant 17 days after he was born. Olson then claims that the public option would have denied him the needed health care and he would have died! After being challenged he abruptly ended the discussion. Watch as he is challenged, and clueless as to what to say.


One Response

  1. love it. so happy to see repug having trouble with the reality of health care debate. get use to it repugs, town halls are going to rock.

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