Flood Congress With Your Medical Bills

You tuber Boomer1949 has come up with a good ideal for a protest.

Seems R. Steven King thinks what S. Charles Grassley has done with the gang of six is a real good thing for those of us without medical insurance, or can’t get coverage due to preexisting conditions. He stood on the House Floor and said so. Well, R. King…I think it SUCKS!! So, I hope you can afford to pay my medical bills because from now on they are all coming to you and phone calls from the bill collectors will be referred to you as well.

I want to make a plea to all Americans who are struggling out there with their medical cost to follow my example and mail, or fax your bills to a member of Congress that finds it a real hoot to stall or kill any reform of our Health System for the sake of Political Points. You can start with these two..here are the addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers of R. King and S. Grassley. Send them your bills and refer any bill collectors to their phone number…they are now in charge of my medical financial matters, let them handle yours as well.

R. Steven King
1131 Longworth Office Building
Washington, DC
202 225-4426
202 225-3193 (fax)

S. Charles Grassley
150 1st Ave N.E., Suite 325
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
319 363-6832
319 363-7179 (fax)


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