Michael Moore Rallies the Troops in San Francisco’s Financial District

“The only way we’re going to be able to turn things around is through mass action. This country isn’t going to come back into our hands just because we showed up to vote last November.” — Michael Moore


2 Responses

  1. We n eed a march in Octobert. I don;t understand the teabaggers with the help of their corporate media went to Washington screaming about nothing. We just blog. I went to Washington Seotember 13th. Only sixteen hundred people. Come on folks, what are we waiting for. One million plus need s to march shouting for healthcare with a public option and if we are bold enough, single payer.

  2. I totally agree but there are logistics issues and promo issues that needs to be done. I think it’s going to take a moveon.org or heath care now to get it organized.

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