Amazing Bible Code Predictions

See what amazing messages are hidden in the bible. When will the world end? Is the earth flat? Is the Loch Ness monster real? Are Bert and Ernie Gay? Is the sky really blue? Find the answers to these and many more questions with the Bible Code.

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And remember to always Think about it.


2 Responses

  1. People can go off on tangents using English Theomatics (Gematria), and match phrases to equal the same number, saying many things that does not edify (or build up) anybody. The more words that are strung together, the more it can be manipulated. This is why single words that have the same total have the most impact using English Gematria. For example:

    Jesus, gospel, cross, English, Joshua, and messiah all total 74. These all carry the same theological meanings as well. Going beyond these like using the word “fruit”=74 does not help the non-believer, though it does give the believer more reasons to jump up and down. The Divine=63 Deity=63 of The Bible=63 is YHVH=63. True statements like this one should at least spark a reaction in the non-believer. The skeptic trying to debunk English Gematria will use phrases like “my ass”=77 showing that this total equals other more significant word totals (such as CHRIST=77), which proves NOTHING. Trying to disprove and going off on tangents is nothing more than a distraction away from the truth of God. These are the very reasons why mainstream Christianity believes English Gematria nothing more than numerology, calling it Satanic at its core.

    Using established Key-tone phrases is the only way to reach out to mainstream Christianity such as:
    “The LORD JEHOVAH”, “Holy Spirit”, “Jesus Christ”, “LORD of Host”, and “Jesus is Lord” all equal 151.

    Pointing people to their creator and helping them to “communicate”=117 with “GOD The Father”=117 is my goal, which is the main reason I wrote a book called “holyCityBibleCode” located at my web site called the same The goal in writing the book was to illustrate through a preponderance of circumstantial evidence (which I call anomalies) that GOD (YHVH) does indeed exist. If a person takes the time to evaluate the evidence, all doubts should be removed.

    Stringing words together to try to tell a story does only that, tell a story. What people need is the information that clicks on the inside . Then they are in a better position to help expose the truth to others, completing the cycle.

    I believe that the truth of English Gematria needs to be exposed by people like you and me before we will see any real change in the world, as the religious community will not even touch it until their religious leaders at least begin to take it seriously. Then they will be in a better position to prove GOD exists to a non-believing world, which will ultimately benefit us all.

    Ed J

  2. Excuse me for being OFFTOPIC … what Word Press theme are you using? It’s looking stunning!!

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